Monday, September 1, 2014

Single parenting....

Some households these days are ran by single parents. On a negative side there is a certain percentage of individuals who truly believe that a child who is a product of a single parent household are those children who have behavioral issues, join gangs, drop out of school, sell drugs, become teenage parents, and so on. But I believe that the question to be asked is, what is now to be considered the norm in society? A single parent household, or a two parent household? 

HHmmmm, good question right? Or what about which household is more stable to raise a child? They are actually two in the same. In reality, children who are born in a stable single parent home does just as well as those in a married household when it comes down to academic ability and behavioral problems. We have come to a point in time where it no longer matters too which household a child is raised in, it is no longer a factor in distinguishing the individuals family structure and stability. 

A two parent household can bring along just as much stress, pain, and misery to a child and their development as one being brought up with one parent. I myself was raised in a single parent home along with my brothers and despite the odds that may have been stacked up against us we never became apart of any statistics. My inner circle of family and friends consist of single mothers, independent women raising children alone. Women of many different ethnic backgrounds, women who made the decision not to give up but to fight back in hopes for a different outlook that society would have on them, women with degrees and careers, who have alone put their children through college, or who have encouraged their child to do great things.

True single parenting can get discouraging at times, and you may feel as though you want to give up, but hang in there and know that you are not in that struggle alone. Take comfort in the fact that whether it is a single parent or a married couple raising children ALL struggles are the same and each child in each situation can turn out one in the same or even different despite their home circumstances. People will have their opinions, but the important thing is that their opinion is just theirs and does not matter. Stay strong and continue to do just what you are doing, with faith, courage, and prayer all will continue to work in your favor. <3   


  1. I myself raised my 4 children as a single parent, it was many challenges along the way, was I scared "yes" but I know in my heart God was with me every step of the way. I once heard Steve Harvey say that there are no and I repeat no mother that can raise their boys without their fathers, well mothers let's applaud ourselves because we did it, yes we did it all by ourselves.

    My only concern is today's age it seems very hard to raise boys or girls as a single parent, this generation seems to be so disobedient amoung the elder generation, but we as parents need to stay strong and please don't hesitate to call on God, or even yet some mothers out there that has been through it already can be a great help to those that are in need of help.

  2. I do agree, and yes we did.... One of the main reasons why this generation is the way that it is is because "we" as parents allow other things to step in our place to raise our children for us,not because they are being raised in a household with one parent. For example TV, video games, music videos, music, social media etc. Not only that but some parents believe that the education that their children are receiving from their schools is enough, but truly it is not enough. Education of any sort, the instilling of life trials and tribulations, love, safe sex, etc should not be left in the hands of the wold to teach our children but rather in our hands. Being a single mother I have been able to teach and show my children more love (among other things) than they were being shown or even felt when I was with their father running a house together, this goes to show the impact that an unstable house can bring. Not saying that a single parent household is better than a two parent household, but what I am saying is that the comparison is very little but the issue is improving little by little, day by day....