Sunday, October 5, 2014

Domestic Violence

I must take a moment to recognize this month for its significance for many including myself. This month symbolizes Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This is an issue that has been around for ages and yet and still is ignored by many but continues to claim so many life's both young and old. Domestic violence is not just physical nor does it take place among male and female partners but also among same sex relationships, the elderly, children, family members, friends, and so on.It also consist of mental abuse, verbal abuse, financial abuse, technical abuse. After volunteering with a local organization in my community and working with the female youth in the lower privilege communities I began to understand that this issue is beginning to claim the life's of our youth in such a way that it is barely recognizable by them in such a way that they are not capable of seeking help from their parents, guardians, or anyone form of authority. It is also the number one leading killer in the US, sometimes its deadly and silent.

The reason being, in my opinion, of this youth epidemic is the simple explanation that the youth who will find themselves in such a position whether they are the victim or the abuser is because one of the two or maybe even both have come from a home with this exact behavior. And as children, if the young boy sees his father hitting his mother, more than likely he too will become an abuser, and the same goes for a young girl being raised in a home with such behavior. If she constantly witnesses her mother being abused by her father or boyfriend, she too will begin to believe that the way of life is submitting to her partner and becoming the victim. This is what I label as the revolving door of domestic violence.

It is time that everyone takes a vow to be a shoulder to lean on and an ear too listen when someone that they know and love is reaching out for help. The call for help will not be one of the obvious but it will be there. Remember to never judge one who is in a situation such as this, it may be easy for someone to say why don't you just leave or why not just fight back? Or one of the most judgmental comments that I have personally heard, well if it was me I would do this or I would do that. My dear friend it is not that easy believe me. And lastly, always remember that the most dangerous time for a victim is when they are attempting to leave.

I could go on and on with this topic. There is so much information to be shared and discussed, but once the knowledge is out it is phenomenal, a force to be reckoned with. Everyone can be a soldier for the next who can not be a soldier for themselves. Let's all gather and help those in need become victors and no longer victims!!!!!!!!

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