Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bullying/Cyber bullying

Bullying does not discriminate and can affect anyone of any age, race, sexual orientation, etc. Individuals who are bullied continue to carry that agony and that trauma from the era to which they are being bullied into their adult hood. It is a torment that will stick to your soul, dictate the person that you can become, affect the way you interact with others, and so on. It is something that can completely destroy ones possible potential. Just the other day a young lady of the age of 14 years old, killed herself, they found her hanging. Her mother says it was because she was being bullied by children at school. But as the story unfolds, was that the only place where she was being bullied? Sources also arise to say that it was reported to authorities that this child was being emotionally abused (bullied) by her own mother (her protector, her provider) and the case was still pending up until her death. Bullying is becoming a major issue that is now venturing outside of schools but into homes, the work place, social media, verbal bullying etc. It is getting very serious to the point where suicide and bullying has a very strong link. Unfortunately some adults and school officials will turn a blind eye to bullying and will identify it as simple children being children. Not knowing the magnitude of this behavior. There are various types of bullying to be aware of: physical bullying, emotional bullying, cyber bullying, sexting, and even circulating photos/nude photos of a child/person that they may have shared with someone that they trusted. Children endure more throughout a normal school day than we as adults my have endured in a week or even longer. Sometimes it is not as easy to speak to an adult about whats going on in fear that they may not understand or they may brush it off, so they tend to deal with it in the best way that they feel they know how, which never ends in a positive way. Bullying does not always end in the victim committing suicide, sometimes it ends in the victim committing a heinous crime against those who are bullying them. Either way it is never a positive ending.The best way to control this issue is for parents to start at home. Teach your children how to speak up when something is going on that they are not comfortable with, speak with your children ask them questions show them that you have an interest in whats going on in their life, get them to talk to you. Let them know that it is ok to speak up about things that are bothering them. Take an interest in theirs, let them know that you do care. For adults, take your place and stand your grounds. Just because it is your boss does not give them the right to treat you as though you are less than. Make them take sight of your potential, your hard work, your dedication to the company. Defend yourself against unfair treatment, it is your right..... Take the negative situation and make it work positively for yourself.....

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